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C-19 Virus edition

the world became insignificantly closer this week at a c-19 started its rampage across the globe and seemingly will not die off until summertime. its going to affect every family in some way–some worse that others. i can’t imagine the loss of family members due to a virus that could have been stopped. no, as of right now i have no family member affected yet- im beyond words if you are reading this and you have a member ill from it. as a service person, i like to fix things. i diagnose by thinking–hardware–software–user.. obviously in this case, im at a loss as to how to cope, comprehend, or deal with the vastness of ” i have no control..” i think that is what gets us most– “we have no control” we are mere puppets on a stage, we are numbers for the elections, taxes and the party we affiliate with. i am an independent and i believe in what President Trump did with our borders but i also like what Joe Biden said– this- for once in our lives in something that has NO political party whatsoever. May God bless and keep you and your family safe from C-19.

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