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You know that I.T. people are costing you money right?

Let’s be clear on one thing, I.T. personnel are more important now that ever before! You do your job, let us do ours. We specialize is keeping your equipment updated, safeguarded from cyber attacks, and keep CIPA and HIPPA and a slew of others safe and within governmental recommendations for you!

My wife just got a letter from a doctor whose computer failure has caused major havoc- they state that no information was lost and the information is secure, I’d like to know how they know that for 100% accuracy. Their computer failure—-WHY??? The I.T. specialist (if both parties did their work right) should be there once a quarter minimum to check backups, clean out the machines, check for updates, both software and hardware related, implement procedural updates with regards to governmental advisories and all this for less than a new computer a year.

Let’s put it another way, do you change your oil in your car, or buy a new motor? sounds rude right, it’s the exact same deal, a friend of mine uses cars brakes instead of oil, same difference.. It’s called PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE for a reason.I’ve been self employed and doing these common sense maintenance procedures since 1999, this is not the first letter we have received and i keep them all to show everyone why it is so important to hire someone like myself. At $35.00 per hour, can you afford not to hire a professional to maintain your equipment  so you do not have the same problematic issues this one doctor’s office did?

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