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You know that I.T. people are costing you money right?

Let’s be clear on one thing, I.T. personnel are more important now that ever before! You do your job, let us do ours. We specialize is keeping your equipment updated, safeguarded from cyber attacks, and keep CIPA and HIPPA and a slew of others safe and within governmental recommendations for you!

My wife just got a letter from a doctor whose computer failure has caused major havoc- they state that no information was lost and the information is secure, I’d like to know how they know that for 100% accuracy. Their computer failure—-WHY??? The I.T. specialist (if both parties did their work right) should be there once a quarter minimum to check backups, clean out the machines, check for updates, both software and hardware related, implement procedural updates with regards to governmental advisories and all this for less than a new computer a year.

Let’s put it another way, do you change your oil in your car, or buy a new motor? sounds rude right, it’s the exact same deal, a friend of mine uses cars brakes instead of oil, same difference.. It’s called PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE for a reason.I’ve been self employed and doing these common sense maintenance procedures since 1999, this is not the first letter we have received and i keep them all to show everyone why it is so important to hire someone like myself. At $35.00 per hour, can you afford not to hire a professional to maintain your equipment  so you do not have the same problematic issues this one doctor’s office did?

Bruce Humphrey 330-806-4254   bruceman@bruceman.com.

This is NOT what to do for marketing….

When you are sending out marketing emails—-make sure the database, or the automatic insertions work…geez  this is a copy from an email sent to me.

‘ (Contact First Name),

The Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) organizes its annual convention on May 14 – May 17 in Dallas, Texas.

The event is expected to sell out with 3,000+ people attending from hundreds of companies and many countries around the world.  Taking the stage to teach, train and inspire YOU.  ANMP has assembled the BEST of the BEST, over 50+ Million-Dollar-per-year income earners.  Internationally recognized thought leaders, mentors to millionaires, expert panel members and highly-skilled contributors, to make it the largest, best and by far the best VALUE of any event in the history of the Direct Sales Profession. ‘


LogMein.com email

The following is yet another spoof designed to trick you into clicking on the logmein pro receipt.doc…. JUST DELETE IT. 1-866-478-1805 is logmein’s phone number and they even state it’s spam and malice in intent.. DO NOT OPEN THE DOCUMENT!!!

Dear client,

Thank you for purchasing our yearly plan for LogMeIn Pro on 25 computers.

Your credit card has been successfully charged.

Date : 17/2/2015

Amount : $720 ( you saved $549.75)

 The transaction details can be found in the attached receipt.

Your computers will be automatically upgraded the next time you sign in.


Thank you for choosing LogMeIn!


We all instinctively know that fedex and ups will not try to contact us when a package cannot be delivered..they leave notes on the door.. Therefore please do yourself a favor–do not open the zip files attached to emails from them!!! first of all check the return sender–you see it will not match anything to do with fedex, and ups, and if you want to help stop cyber attacks and bullying– contact the website itself and let them know they have been spoofed..

fedex cant deliver


2014 to 2015

Every year I start my company by thinking; “am I going to make it?” or “Is it all worth it?”; but even after 15 years it is a resounding Yes I choose to continue. The computer service, the photography, the cinematography, the network management, credit card processing all to assist my clients in any way i can. I look forward to assisting your companies growth in 2015 just as you let me do in 2014!



help keep your system clean

In this day and age where the hackers are not just trying to get your credit card information, but lock you out of your own computer, download these great free-wares and help keep your system clean. These are NOT the sole answer but they can sure help fight the fight.




Revo Uninstaller

Team Viewer

Anti SpyWare

if you decide to pay for each of them, the “paid” version does add to the program, but it is definitely not a necessity