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Cameras, Images– safe or sorry.

Individuals who wish to capture “memories” and seemingly preserve them forever must be careful. What kind of Camera to use, how to transfer the image and where to store them–well these “memories” could easily be lost.

Lets do this step by step.

1. The Camera– There are I would consider about contenders in the ring for it, but this 10 includes the highest Hasselblaud and a couple other Pro-Pro types. So when you dwindle those down- My feeling is that there are three. Canon, Nikon and Sony (in alphabetical order to be fair).

Canon ranges anywhere from $300 to $3000, depending upon a lot of different setups and such, you can guarantee a great image..These are not your ordinary point and shoot. They take work and knowledge to get a pristine image in which you can blow up life size.

Nikon–I could simply say ditto to the previous comment, but each brand has it’s flavors and uniqueness and they do not ever do things the same.

Sony–Well as you know, we could call this Minolta for Sony didn’t know much about cameras until they bought them out, however since that time, with the engineering of Sony and the knowledge of Minolta, they have created technology that can keep up with the others. Lets face it, people see their TV set, their stereo and think well those work, so the Sony will be a seamless progression.

You do your own research, and for goodness sake go to a reputable vendor, not the box store who make commission on the sale, go to store you have seen in business forever–these are the people that already know you in some cases, in others well they understand the weather conditions, or situations you are talking about. It pays to get advise from them and steer away from the box store.

2. Transfer– There was a time when people stored things on floppy discs, then 3.5 floppies, then cd’s then DVD’s then flash drives, then The Cloud. The point is, it will change again–expect it to, but while it changes, expect the old storage media not to be able to be accessed again. It would cost you nearly $500 to get info off of a 5.25″ floppy, let alone the 8″ or the 12″. I am really over simplifying this section, I must say that fire-wire which was really fast and user friendly just a mere four years ago, is now a pain in the butt to get transferred over, they just don’t make it much. The other way that transferring has grown up, is wirelessly to smart devices. Some cameras like the Canon 6D comes standard with a wireless communicator which allows you instant download from the camera. With this statement, you can see that it is possible in the near future to have a camera with no card slot-although unlikely, I bet there will one one of the three vendors listed above tries it.

3. Storage– I briefly touched on this, but right now you have the choice of storing it on your computer, the flash drive you put it on, or a cloud based area of storage. It seems like everyone is offering a 2GB of storage free, but nothing is ever free; you might get advertisement emails or something in lieu of it. The computer will fail- face it- the flash drive will get broke or lost, the cloud will get broken into, password stolen and files erased. All these things DO happen, I personally have helped hundreds of people help get things moved from one location to another.

4. Conclusion– So i will not tell you which camera to buy- I own and have owned all three vendors. I currently have Nikon and Canon both and they are good for different areas of photography and no one is a total fit. I have had the 12″, the 8″ then 5.25, the 3.5 floppies as well as computer failures, flash drives smashed, and thankfully no cloud files stolen or erased, but i know people who have..You want to keep your pictures forever? Remember the local Camera store, that knows you, or knows your location; for me, it’s my friends at Van’s Camera. Take your images and have them printed! yep You heard me PRINTED! pictures can last a hundred years or more, do you know we have images taken in the early 1900′s and the late 1800′s.. –Hmm ironic..no computer, no floppy, no cloud based storag


In this day where countries are bombarding other countries with the cyber wars, and the government wants to shut down or control internet access because of it, you need to safeguard yourself and your personal information.

If you go here https://identitysafe.norton.com/password-generator you can get a generated password that will be stronger than the good ole “dogs name and year they died.”  We need to change our passwords every 90 days or so, yes it is a pain, but the sending out 100′s of emails telling your friend to use viagra is not good either. Once you have your password generated, people often say; “i have too many passwords to remember so i use one.” or ” i lost the piece of paper i wrote it on.”

May i suggest you either use an excel spreadsheet and keep it on a usb stick where you can unplug it or you can use something like http://download.cnet.com/4UOnly/3000-18501_4-30451.html that will help you save them all.


Check out the latest photo’s here. all the photo’s i take are for purchase for size, and for your convenience, you can download the smaller version for your personal use free of charge.