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In this day where countries are bombarding other countries with the cyber wars, and the government wants to shut down or control internet access because of it, you need to safeguard yourself and your personal information.

If you go here https://identitysafe.norton.com/password-generator you can get a generated password that will be stronger than the good ole “dogs name and year they died.”  We need to change our passwords every 90 days or so, yes it is a pain, but the sending out 100′s of emails telling your friend to use viagra is not good either. Once you have your password generated, people often say; “i have too many passwords to remember so i use one.” or ” i lost the piece of paper i wrote it on.”

May i suggest you either use an excel spreadsheet and keep it on a usb stick where you can unplug it or you can use something like http://download.cnet.com/4UOnly/3000-18501_4-30451.html that will help you save them all.


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